About Us
About the Youth Economic Alliance
The Youth Economic Alliance Non-profit Company (YEA) is an entity established to drive the development and advancement of youth entrepreneurship. It champions youth entrepreneurship through targeted programmes that collectively address the unemployment problem among youth by providing them with opportunities to develop their businesses, as well as providing access to resources and linkages needed to realize their potential as young social and economic entrepreneurs.

YEA distinctly has three pillars:

  • Policy, research & advocacy on youth entrepreneurship.
  • Development and implementation of youth entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Development of youth entrepreneurship incubators.
The YEA, through policy advocation and lobbying, understands that creating a sustainable and enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship and SMME advancement begins by influencing the existing policies that act as hindrances and barriers in the pace of change. The system is built around policy and subsequent regulations. The policy contributions we make today will change the landscape for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Vision and Mission

Our focus is on ensuring broader economic participation of youth entrepreneurs into the mainstream economy of both South Africa and the world, and enabling their access to markets both existing and new, as well as innovative funding mechanisms.
We believe we are key stakeholders for advancing practical economic transformation, promoting a conducive environment for youth SMME investment, and driving modernised industrialisation.